The workday is done.

Next up is a stop off at Target.

Then dinner.

Then some more shopping.

Then laundry.

Then packing.


So much to do and very little time to do it in.

On the flip side...I had ONE Harvest Homecoming doughnut this morning. The rest of the office did as well, and then they all went down for some deep-fried treats (Snickers, funnel cake, blooming onion...) and apple dumplings and whatever they got for lunch...

And now they are all complaining about how full they are and how they don't feel good.

I brought healthy snacks and, with the exception of that one doughnut and a couple of cinnamon cashews, haven't indulged in anything else. For the sake of my body and my wallet...this is only a good thing.

Hitting Rocky's Italian Grill for dinner.
I just haven't had a lot of free time lately.

And until after the wedding this weekend, it's going to stay that way.

Also very bad about getting over to Dreamwidth because I'm not used to having it.

So...I'm around.

Just busy.
Which is a good thing coming off of two back-to-back weekends of birthday celebrations, free desserts, lots of Caribou Coffee, and lots of 'tastes so good even though it's so damn bad for you' food.

And then I got home and indulged in 3 chocolate chip cookies from my birthday stash. Oy! Ah well.

Got a lot accomplished today. Trying not to think of what is on my desk at work tomorrow. Going to just do what I can and worry with the rest another time.

Made dinner tonight, which included some homemade garlic mashed potatoes since we bought some russett potates from Whole Foods on Sunday. They were delicious. Got lots of left overs. Re-worked the menu today for optimum budget crunching and use of food.

Baking bread at the moment and about to go and wrap up my homemade granola bars for snacks this week. Trying something different with snacks as well...for budgeting purposes. So we'll see how well it goes.

And now...some writing and a little relaxation...until the bread finishes.



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